A Glittery Maleficent Halloween Look (+ How to Take it Off!)


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As you’ll have spotted from my last post, my go-to look for Halloween this year is the Angelina Jolie-inspired Maleficent. I enjoyed dressing up as her so much (perhaps I was a villain in a past life?!)  that I wanted to show you how to get the look too, only this time I enlisted the help of the wonderful Harry of Harry Makes It Up to help me add a bit of glitz to the look, making it perfect for a Halloween night out.

As you’ll see from the snaps, whilst it’s a fairly simple to achieve the dramatic look, there are a lot of elements that are extremely pesky to remove – which is the last thing you want at the end of a night out. From red lips, black eyeshadow, loose dark pigment and a thick layer of glitter, this look has it all, so as well as showing you how to put it on, I’ll be showing you how easy it can be to take it off too with the help of a few of my new favourite products from Simple, the Dual Effect Eye Make-Up Remover and their Hydrating Cleansing Oil. Sound good? Let’s get going!

1. The Base

Apply your foundation base and apply concealer where necessary. Remember to keep colours on the cooler side – I don’t remember Maleficent ever having a tan! And no green, either – we’re sticking with the slightly more glam Jolie version rather than the original.

2. Eyes

For the eyes, apply a black cream-to-powder base all over the eyelid, and then set it with a deep purple pigment on top. We wanted to add a hint of purple as a nod to the original animated character. The two layers ensure that the colour on your eyes is opaque and as dark as possible. Then to make the look a little more pointy and feminine, a la Maleficent, we added a liquid eyeliner

3. Glitter!

Then it’s time for the fun part – glitter! When I say fun, I don’t know if I mean it. This stuff gets everywhere! We used a black holographic glitter that Harry applied to my eyes by simply pressing on with her finger. A little goes a really really long way, and if you over-apply, you could run the risk of it going all over your face, so use with caution! It’s notorious for getting absolutely everywhere, and will come off with every blink, so to minimise that, add a pair of your most dramatic false lashes to catch any loose bits.

Now here’s a tip from the pro! Harry used electrical tape to remove any excess glitter from the rest of my face – it’s softer than masking tape and doesn’t pull off any of your other makeup. You might want to take a little roll out with you for tidy-ups throughout the evening.

Don’t forget a generous amount of mascara on your bottom lashes!

4. Cheeks

Now to create those sharp cheekbones! Use the same soft electrical tape or masking tape and place it in a line from the top of the ears toward the jawline, but slightly higher than your natural cheek hollows. Then use a cool-toned contour powder or warm grey eyeshadow and follow along the tape, marking out Maleficent’s sharp cheekbones. When you remove the tape you’ll be left with a harsh line, so soften it slightly with a brush to make it look more realistic.  You can also add some of the contour colour into the temples to give the cheeks a pointer appearance.

Add a pearlescent highlight at the top of the cheeks to really make them pop!

5. Lips

Then all that is remaining is to pop on your Maleficent horns (mine were found cheaply on Amazon) and that signature red lip. Use a matte red lip pencil to line your lips (you can slightly over line if you want to look that little bit more like Angelina) and then fill in the rest with a bold red matte lipstick. And you’re done! Throw on a slinky black dress, cape and a choker, and you’ve got yourself a super effective but relatively simple to create Halloween look.


The Removal

I won’t lie to you, this is the bit I was dreading. I wasn’t just holding back on taking this makeup off because I absolutely loved prancing around as Maleficent, but also because I hadn’t ever attempted taking off four layers of dark eye makeup – glitter included – with these products before. I was anticipating a big dark smudge and glitter all over my face, and that’s bad enough to deal with even when you’re not taking photographs of the process. But of course, Simple wouldn’t have set me this challenge without being confident in their products, and I’ve used enough of them to know they’re the real deal, so I grabbed the cotton pads and got to work.

Dual Effect Eye Make-up Remover

First up it was the job of their Dual Effect Eye Make-up Remover to take off the bulk of the product on my face. Part cleansing oil and part vitamin water, you give the bottle a shake before you apply it to a cotton pad. The product feels a bit like a dry oil on the skin – which is hard to describe, but means that it absorbs quickly whilst still having all the wonderful properties of an oil.

Now it was time to tackle the eyes. After I’d peeled off my false lashes, I took a fresh cotton pad soaked with the Make-Up Remover and swiped it from the corner to the outer side of my eye. Miraculously, it had removed the bulk of the dark makeup, the infamously hard to get-rid-of glitter AND waterproof mascara. I was that impressed with it that we made sure to take a photograph of my eye after just one gentle swipe of the product – no rubbing required, and absolutely no sting either.

An extra cotton pad later to remove anything remaining (including those sharp cheekbones) and it was time for the second part of my cleansing routine.

Hydrating Cleansing Oil

To ensure that I had removed every trace of makeup from my face (including every last bit of that pesky glitter!) and to leave it in the best possible condition, a double-cleanse was called for. I applied a few drops of Simple’s Hydrating Cleansing Oil to my hands before massaging it onto my face, making sure that the grapeseed oil could effectively dissolve any remaining makeup. I know some people can be put off by the word oil, especially if they are spot prone, but this product has such a light texture that it doesn’t feel sticky and it totally transforms into a milky texture when you add a little water and massage it in. Then all it takes is splashing it off and you’re left with super clean, soft skin – nothing greasy about it at all!

I know it might appear that I’m a little overexcited about the products because I’m collaborating with the brand, but I was genuinely really impressed with how well they handled the tough products we had applied to my face. I asked Harry how many cotton pads she’d normally have to use to remove a stubborn look featuring glitter whilst on a shoot, and we concluded that it would be a lot more than just four, so I think it’s safe to say that it’s make-up artist approved, too!

Feel free to shoot me any questions about applying or removing the look in the comments below if anything was unclear! Have a wonderful Halloween!

This post is in collaboration with Simple, but all thoughts and opinions are my own!

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A Glittery Maleficent Halloween Look (+ How to Take it Off!)

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