Beauty: Peacocking

Another new beauty how to! I think I’m almost on my way to getting the hang of these, yay. Last week I shared one of my favourite new season dresses, this amazing peacock hued frock from Three Floor which made me take on a few peacock qualities myself when I wore it out on the town! As you no doubt spotted, I did something a little dramatic with the old eye makeup for the occasion so I thought why not share that too. It was, much to my surprise, seriously easy. I was pretty terrified by the idea of wearing blue eye makeup as it carries some not so favourable 80’s connotations but over recent seasons has been cropping up in far chicer incarnations everywhere from the catwalks to the clubs via the streets and countless editorials. With a dress this mesmerisingly blue, it just seemed foolish not to go for it and obviously I had to paint my nails a matching shade too…

beauty peacocking

Clockwise from left:
Butter London WINK Eye Pencil in Inky Six, £11.70, available here
Sisley Paris Phyto 4 Ombres Palette in Mystery, £57, available here
MAC Extended Play Gigablack Lash Mascara, £11.79, available here

beauty peacocking

Essie “I’m Addicted” Nail Polish, £6, available here
Dior Lip Maximiser Gloss, £23, available here

Les Yeux: Eyeshadow

au natural

natural base

I’m not going to bother boring y’all with “step 1. base” because you’ve read about my base routine a zillion times (but can catch up here) and know full well it’s bareMinerals foundation and YSL touche eclat where necessary. At the moment I have a bit of a tan so I’m just doing touche eclat and a touch of bareMinerals bronzer which fills me with infinite joy. So let’s kick of with the eyes. This particular palette is by Sisley Palette whose skincare products I am totally addicted to and wrote a post about here. I hadn’t tried their makeup before and will definitely be trying it again… and again and again ad infinitum. It’s not cheap but holy hell is it brilliant. This palette is the Phyto 4 Ombres in Mystery and contains the perfect combination of gunmetal smokiness and regal peacock blue. You may recall that in my previous beauty “how to” I forgot to start with the palest shade and ended up putting it on later. I actually really liked the effect so did the same with this one.

Shade 1.

beauty peacocking

beauty peacocking

Instead of starting with the softest colour, I kicked off with the paler grey in the palette, applying it liberally using the teardrop shaped applicator that came with the palette all over the lid and sweeping up to the peak of the bone. Fancy brushes might be the ideal makeup tools but to be honest, the free ones inside your eyeshadow sets are totally fine too.

beauty peacocking

Shade 2.

beauty peacocking

Or rather, the “should be shade 1” that I’ve taken to free styling with. I really love the effect of a paler shimmer in the inner corner of the eye so I used the narrow end of the applicator to layer it thickly and create a highlighted effect. Pretty self explanatory and no skill required whatsoever, huzzah!

beauty peacocking

Shade 3.

beauty peacocking

beauty peacocking

True to my usual free styling (read: inexperienced and lazy) form, I decided to give the darkest grey a miss because things were getting perhaps too dramatic and a little high risk. This look was also ALL about the peacock blue so I wanted to highlight that delicious hue. Using the narrow end of the applicator once again (always wash after) I applied in the tried n’ tested reverse triangle; spreading the shadow thickly from the outer corner of the eye up to the eyelid groove. Then I used the teardrop applicator to blend it in with the grey and, all things considered, was pretty happy with the results.

beauty peacocking

Les Yeaux: Eyeliner & Mascara

beauty peacocking

Blue eyeliner… I know, I was kind of dubious too. I hesitated about using it then thought, what the hell, and whacked it on. I used Butter London’s WINK eye pencil in “Inky Six” and applied liberally to the upper and lower inner rim of my eye, on the outside corner if that makes sense; inner rim pencil on the inside corner can make ones eyes, as my Dad so charmingly puts it, look like “piss holes in the snow”. Then I extended it to do a cat eye flick which nicely framed the shadow.

beauty peacocking

beauty peacocking

I finished off my eye makeup with MAC Gigablack Mascara which is not actually blue (reckon that would be overkill) but comes in a shiny blue tube so seemed wholly appropriate. The fact that the tube appealed to my colour co-ordination fixation wasn’t the only reason for this. The mascara is so ideal for this kind of look as it’s super lightweight with an amazing brush that avoids clumping but has an intense carbon-black pigment which means that you still get super strong lashes. It’s definitely a new favourite of mine now.

Finishing Touches: Lips n’ Brows

Beauty peacocking

There’s only so much dramatic make up one face can take so instead of lip colour, I used Dior Lip Maximiser Gloss which still gave my pout a polished look and plumped my lips vaguely in the direction of Kylie Jenner proportions. Unlike other glosses it’s not ridiculously sticky so spares you the hair-stuck-to-gob situation that we all dread so much.

beauty peacocking

Only recently have I got into eyebrow gel. Like many, ok most, other makeup essentials, I was too lazy to think about it but if you have hefty brows like mine then this stuff is literally magic. I use MAC Brow Set which is tough enough to do the job and has a great brush (all MAC products do) but doesn’t make your eyebrows appear shiny or oil slicked which, in my opinion, is never a good look.

Finishing Touches: Nails

Beauty peackocking

Not much to say here except for that I went for a very, very bright shade of blue because, well, why wouldn’t you? I’m a total sucker for offensively luminous nail polish and Essie’s “I’m Addicted” ticks is so perfect for summer and of course, for this look.

Et voila!

beauty peacocking la petite anglaise ella catliff

Here we have my dramatic, high risk, peacock blue makeup look! I’m so happy and rather relieved with the way this little makeup experiment turned out. What do you think? Do you prefer it to my recent Peachy spring look? Check out the outfit I paired it with here.

Love Ella. X

Images by Holly McGlynn

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Beauty: Peacocking

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