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I’ve always loved the bloggers that keep things real and keep readers in the loop on life like they would a good friend. Some of my favorite conversations have happened over a cup of coffee or glass of wine. So I’ve decided to start a series of posts to recap some events for each week! This one will cover a little more time than most of the others

I “graduated” from the Masters of Accounting program back in May buuuut the program actually goes through the end of June. So June 1 – June 29 I spend 5 hours a day in class. I kinda feel like I’m back in high school but at least it is only a month!! It’s so crazy thinking about the past year. The days always seemed to drag by but then it was Christmas break and then summer break and now we are almost done. I feel like we were just moving into Marble Alley but that was almost a year and a half ago!

We took a girls’ trip to 30-A for Memorial Day weekend and it was SO great. Constantly being surrounded by so many friends is one of the things I miss most about undergrad. It was so easy to know what was going on in someone’s life because we were together all of the time. Now, everyone is in different cities. Some of us are still in school or graduate school and others have jobs they love and some are looking to do something different. Getting to spend time with everyone on the trip was good for my soul.

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about what it looks like to be a good friend. And it looks a lot different than it did two years ago. I see what is going on in someone’s life from an instagram post or an album uploaded to facebook or a snapchat story but I want to be better about picking up the phone and having a real conversation. There’s nothing like quality time spent in person but I want to be better about sending a care package or saying when I’m thinking about someone!!

I feel like I’ve moved a bajillion times in the past 5 years. And I’m pretty sure my parents (and John) feel that way too. Lord knows they are ready for me to be in one place and stay put. I’m making the move to Atlanta at the beginning of July. Throughout college, I’ve accumulated all of this stuff and probably 50% of it doesn’t need to go to Atlanta. I am going through it all and selling/giving it away (check out my poshmark closet username is ‘amontg18’ !!) and it feels great. But it takes A LOT of time.

Last weekend, my sister came in town from Alabama (yes, she grew up in Knoxville and ended up there) and we spent Saturday at the lake with family! Jack got to go too and he had the best time. We put him in a little doggy life jacket which he loved! My friend Katherine is back in Knoxville for grad school and she met us up there and spent the day with us too 🙂 John took the CFA Level II exam in Atlanta Saturday so he didn’t get to come. Buuuut now that he is done (hopefully) with that test, I am getting to spend more time with him! It takes 7 weeks to get scores back and then he will start studying for the next level. Between now and then, Jack and I plan on taking advantage of every second of attention we can get from him!!

Jack enjoying a pup cup at Bruster’s after an afternoon at the park!

John made an amazing breakfast after lake time with Jack!

This weekend we taught Jack to jump off of the dock at the lake and he loved it!! He loves to swim and we love it too (seriously wears him out)! Saturday night John and I went to JC Holdway for a long overdue celebratory dinner. We don’t go out too often, especially not places like that (we are definitely still in college), and it was so nice to just sit and talk and enjoy a good meal together. In the past year we’ve gotten masters degrees, both completed our CPA exams, and John has passed Level I of the CFA exam and is waiting for the score for Level II. We’re both moving to Atlanta (but not together) and have jobs starting in October. Like I said, so so much to celebrate and be thankful for over the past year.


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