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Last month I decided to get eyelash extensions for the first time. They weren’t something I had ever really considered previously (plus, what if they made all of my eyelashes fall out?!), but after noticing how amazing they looked on my friend Reem (who seemed to manage to keep her natural lashes very much intact), I decided it was time to give my lashes a little boost.

So almost five weeks later, I’m ready for a bit of reflection on how my first experience with big fluttery eyelashes has gone, and to answer the questions you guys have been asking over on Snapchat!




I had my eyelashes done by the wonderful Asma at Boudoir Lashes in Shoreditch. It’s really important to go to somebody with a good rep for your lashes, because you want them to look as natural as possible and be applied properly – Asma told me that it’s not unusual for her to have to fix other peoples mistakes, so going to somebody who knows what they are doing the first time around is very important.

This was just one of the conversations we had as I led down with my eyes taped closed for a couple of hours. The process most definitely involves patience, as all lashes are applied one by one in just the right place to give the desired effect.

I had the 3D Russian Effect lashes applied – multiple superfine lashes applied to one eyelash to create a soft, full and light look – I didn’t want it to look like I was wearing a thick strip of lashes, and couldn’t have been more pleased with the result.

After leaving Asma’s salon I couldn’t stop looking at my reflection. I was worried that when we were done my eyes would feel strange, or like I had a set of false lashes on. But none of that. I felt like a doll with huge eyes – it’s unbelievable the difference that it make to your face (see this before and after shot). And then the fear came – I was going to have to do my best to ensure they stayed on for as long as possible. I wanted to look like this forever (treat this as a warning – eyelash extensions are ADDICTIVE!)

Looking after your lashes involves a few important rules; no oil-based beauty products near them, no sleeping directly on them for the first few days, no mascara on your extensions, and importantly, no rubbing your eyes. But if you can stick to that, there is absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t give them a go.

Another thing to note is that your makeup application may feel strange to begin with – all of a sudden I was trying to work my way around a set of lashes when applying liquid eyeliner, meaning it was far messier than it would usually be, but as I learnt, it just takes a little getting used to. And in all honesty, it’s not even needed – the lashes meant I could go without any eye makeup on at all on holiday and I still felt happy when I looked in the mirror.


The set I had applied can last up to 8 weeks – I’m on week 5 and they are still going strong, even if not quite as impressive looking as when they were applied (a beach holiday and eye-rub-inducing wedding stress have meant I’ve lost a few along the way).

But I’m so so happy I tried it – and I’ll most definitely be getting a brand new set as soon as the time is right (hello big beautiful bridal lashes!)

*I was given this treatment for free – but that in no way affects my review – I’ll still continue to go back and get them done with Asma!

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