no body-con dresses required: a weekend worth of unfancy outfits for vegas


It screams sparkles, stilettos, and body-con dresses.

But I’m not really a sparkles, stilettos, or body-con dress kind of girl.

So what to do?

Rather than feeling the need to invest in a ton of fancy clothes, I took it as a challenge to do Vegas in an Unfancy way — to bring my style to Vegas, instead of the other way around.

I packed mix and matchable basics that I wear in my everyday life, in a simple color palette of black and white.

Keep scrolling to see my plane outfit, my sightseeing outfit, my night out outfit, and my poolside outfit.

Plane Outfit

Creating a good plane outfit is an art form, you guys. This outfit has to pull it’s weight, so all the elements — comfort, functionality, and style — need to combine in just the right way.

For this trip, I wore my black skinny jeans (similar), a comfortable tee, and a pair of cool sneakers on the plane. I also brought along my faux leather jacket (similar) for the inevitable plane chill.

I always carry this tote when I travel. It makes a great regular purse, but it really shines as a travel bag — makes sense, because it’s technically a camera bag. It zips completely closed, has compartments to keep everything organized, and can fit just about anything inside — jackets, warm socks, a computer, or even suitcase overflow.

That does mean it gets heavy, but it’s a trade off I’m willing to make.


Daytime Sightseeing Outfit

I wore my black skinny jeans (similar), a loose silk camisole (with this no-show bra underneath), and a pair of cute yet comfortable sandals (similar). I also carried my lightweight little purse (similar).

Now, these sandals are actually quite comfortable for lots of walking. First of all, they’re completely broken in to my foot, but that low heel and those secure straps also make all the difference.

Comfy walking shoes are always important, but they’re especially vital in Vegas, where a simple walk from your hotel room to the lobby might be 1.5 miles. Moment of silence for those blisters from trips past.

And even still, I always stash a pair of plain ol’ flip flops in my bag just in case my feet need a switch up — it’s a tight fit, but they can somehow fit into that little bag.


Night Out

On Saturday night, we went to see the Michael Jackson Cirque du Soleil show. Insert squeals here, because it was AMAZING. I wore a timeless pair of heels (similar) with this one shoulder dress and brought my faux leather jacket (similar), just in case the theatre was chilly.

Worth noting: I also wore Kat Von D eyeliner. This stuff only comes out on special occasions, because it’s so intense, but it makes a killer wing and it stays put like nothing else.

Back to this dress. Want to know my favorite thing about it? (I mean, besides the pockets, the fabric that doesn’t show wrinkles, and the fact that I don’t even have to wear a bra with it?)

It’s not body-con.

You can breathe a sigh of relief. No tugging. No holding it in. No nothing.

It’s loose as a bag, but since it’s short (I had mine hemmed one inch), it’s still plenty sexy.

I’ve worn this outfit for just about every fancy event this year. And you know what? It works. So why mess with a good thing?


Pool Outfit

On Sunday morning, we spent a relaxing few hours out at the pool. I wore my plain ol’ flip flops with this swimsuit top and bottom, my cutoff shorts (similar), sunnies and a black drapey tank (similar) tied at the waist.

When it came time to head to the airport later that afternoon, I swapped the swimsuit for regular underthings, traded the shorts for a pair of yoga leggings, and was happily on my way.

• • •

If you watched my Instagram story last week, you probably noticed that I packed a few other pieces too. A romper. My fav ankle booties. A pair of flare jeans.

Wondering why they aren’t in this post?

Because, as minimal as I try to be when packing, I completely overpacked this trip and didn’t even end up wearing them at all.

Hah, oh well! It was kind of cool to see that I had more than enough for this trip, without buying a single new piece to “match” Vegas. It felt great to keep a true sense of self (and style) in the city of glitter, stilettos, and body-con dresses.

So how about you? Do you ever feel the need to buy new clothes to “match” your destination? What do you usually do when you feel that way?

And hey — want to see the behind the scenes process of shooting the photos for this post? You can still see the story on Instagram for the next couple of hours.



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no body-con dresses required: a weekend worth of unfancy outfits for vegas

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