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Hi! Happy Monday. 🙂

Over my little blogging break last week, Aaron and I took a road trip to Santa Fe, New Mexico for four days of adventuring and relaxing. We had a grand ol’ time!

Packing was a little challenging because we had a wide range of activities to cover (everything from hiking to a fancy dinner) plus some pretty massive temperature swings (from 80 degrees to 30 degrees). Curious how I made it work in a carry-on? You’re in luck because today we’ll chat what I packed, what we did, and what I wore each day.

Because of our varied activities and weather, I split my suitcase into two categories — one part sporty clothes, one part regular clothes. Then I split those categories in half — packing half warm weather clothes and half cold weather clothes for both categories.

Everything fit nicely into my carry-on, and while I probably could have packed a little lighter (it was a short trip, after all), I’m still glad I brought what I did. Some things got very little use — I only wore my jeans for a few hours, only wore my coatigan for a few minutes, and never ended up wearing my silk tee — but I was happy to have them all the same.

01 | Long sleeve tee (old) | similar | similar in short sleeve | similar in a v-neck

02 | Layering Tee (on sale)

03 | Sport sweatshirt (old) | similar | similar

04 | Silk tee (made responsibly)| similar (under $70) | similar (under $30) | similar

05 | Wool cardigan (old) | similar | similar in linen for warm weather

06 | Sport tank

07 | Sport shorts

08 | Cut-off shorts (old) | similar (made in USA) | similar (under $50)

09 | Bathing suit (old from Victoria’s Secret) | similar (as shown in graphic) | similar for less

10 | Skinny jeans | similar (made responsibly) | similar (under $60) | similar (under $30)

11 | Yoga Leggings (made responsibly)

12 | Boho dress | similar | similar in a drop-waist

13 | Ankle booties (old) | similar (on sale) | similar (made responsibly)

14 | Hi-top sneakers (old) | similar

15 | Flip flops (old) | similar | similar


On our 7 hour road trip, we snacked on cocoa dusted almonds, listened to this happy playlist, and enjoyed the scenery as it rolled past.

We just had one afternoon + night in Santa Fe proper, so we made the most of it, staying at the historic Hotel La Fonda and eating the fanciest, most delicious dinner at Sazon.

WHAT I WORE: For the road trip, I went comfy and wore my sport shorts, tank, sweatshirt, and Vans. Once we got to Santa Fe, I changed into skinny jeans, my cognac long sleeve tee, and Vans — perfect for wandering around the Plaza for the afternoon. For dinner, I changed into my boho dress and booties. (And just look at Aaron’s amazing style up there! That vintage-y shirt with that jean jacket? He’s the coolest.)


The next morning, we ate a quick breakfast in Santa Fe and then headed out to Tent Rocks.

Hands down, this was our favorite part of the trip. Tent rocks is a 30 minute drive outside of Santa Fe and it’s well worth it — put it on your bucket list stat.

Even though it’s just a 2-ish mile hike, we took it slow and spent the whole morning enjoying the scenery. Just looking at these photos makes me want to go back!

WHAT I WORE: The hike was easy so I wore my cutoff shorts, base layer tee, and hi-top Vans.




 The end of our trip was all about relaxing, so we stayed at Ojo Caliente for their legendary hot springs. You know what’s cool about Ojo? They have a no cell phone policy — you can use your phone in your room, but you’re not allowed to bring it out on the property. That little break from screens was blissful.

Most of our time was spent reading in hammocks or hopping in and out of the hot springs. We also hiked around, played card games, stargazed, and made s’mores around the campfire. To me, that’s the ultimate vacation itinerary. Give me all the chill.

WHAT I WORE: I wore my boho dress and booties one night for dinner. (Yep, I wore it two out of three nights of our trip. No shame in repeating outfits — I love that dress so much!) Other than that, at Ojo, I wore athletic clothes or my swimsuit.

• • •

And there you have it! 🙂

What about you? Have you ever been to any of these places? What did you think? Got any other desert destinations we should put on our travel lists? 

Tomorrow, we’ll kick off a little series with my boho dress — I’ll share a different way to style it each day for the rest of the week. And … the photos will be a little different than you’re used to — I’m trying out a new photo style for my everyday outfit posts. Ah, nervous but excited! See you tomorrow for look one!


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santa fe packing list

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